ratings for terms some may find offensive or problematic

Facebook Bad Words List

Filtering words from your community site can be helpful as it can be problematic for business reputation and monetization efforts. Facebook provides an ability to supply a list of words to hide from any comments on your Facebook page. Here are the steps to set up this feature:

To begin, click on settings from your Facebook page.

Locate page settings from your Facebook page.

Next choose “Content Moderation” from the settings menu that appears on the right.

Chose "Content Moderation" from the Page Settings "General" menu.

When you select “Content Moderation” you will see an option to upload a CSV file. Download the file below and upload it here to populate the words to be hidden from your page.

Upload the CSV file downloaded above to add the dirty word list to your page settings.

Finally, click the “Save” button at the bottom of the page to commit the change to your Facebook Page settings.

With the words added to your settings, click the save button to complete the operation.

Once you have done this, any messages containing words from the list will be automatically blocked, you may be alerted or you may have the member suspended for a period of time based on your preferences.