ratings for terms some may find offensive or problematic

Discord Bad Words List

Filtering words from your community site can be helpful as it can be problematic for business reputation and monetization efforts. Discord provides a built-in feature to “Block Custom Words” which will filter out inappropriate language by using a dirty word list. Here are the steps to set up this feature:

To begin, click on your server from the channels list on the left of the screen and select “Server Settings” and choose “AutoMod”.

showing the menu for accessing where to provide contents for a bad word list

From the AutoMod menu, click on “Block Custom Words” from the bottom of the menu shown.

The AutoMod menu

You’ll now see where you can paste in a comma separated list of offensive terms for the value of “1) Choose your words”.

The screen for entering your bad word list contents and choosing actions for when such words are used

Download our comma separated list of offensive terms.

Open the list in your default text editor and copy the contents to your clipboard.

Now you can paste the list into this text box to add the terms to be blocked on your Discord server.

The "choose your words" field filled in with content from PotentiallyOffensive.com

Save your changes, and you should see the total words (up to 1,000) confirming they were applied successfully.

With Block Custom Words configured, it shows a count and green status to confirm it is active.

Once you have done this, any messages containing words from the list will be automatically blocked, you may be alerted or you may have the member suspended for a period of time based on your preferences.